work with me

 Coaching for Embodied Living with Emotional Wholeness

your body + your heart + your attention 

clarify your goals and take inspired action in the

direction of your dreams!

life coaching is a facilitated process of:
1. discovery & deepening awareness of self
2. breaking through limiting thoughts into expanded perspective
3. making conscious choices & precise plans and being held accountable


                i ask the questions that get you to dig down deep within, tell your truth, and get clear on your


i offer the space that invites all of you into your present moment experience with awareness and acceptance.

i’m an informed guide here to offer supreme listening skills, ongoing support, a fresh perspective, invaluable resources, heaps of love and validation.

(“it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” –e.e. cummings)

the embodied, heart-centered, mindfulness-based coaching that i do is focused on the present. we get underneath the thought loops, subvert the stories that unconsciously derail dreams, gather information by listening within, unearth the many luminous gems of inner wisdom and divine desires that are bubbling under the surface of life’s responsibilities, mental conditioning, and societal expectations.

benefits of working with a coach may include:

  • Communicating your feelings, needs, and dreams openly, boldly, and effectively.
  • Expressing your creativity, and feeling more joy and play.
  • Practicing compassion towards self and others.
  • Developing discernment and learning to trust yourself.
  • Setting realistic expectations and recognizing your strengths.
  • Moving through all that being human offers with courage and grace.
  • Practicing being fully alive, awake, and open to discovery & change.
  • Taking risks, being vulnerable, and moving through fear.

this isn’t just about goal-setting and strategy

to win external success.

it’s transformation through lovingkindness.

it’s the confidence

to create the fulfilling life of which you are worthy.


Go to my online calendar to schedule a session

Sessions are 60 minutes for sliding scale fee of $30-50

I offer:

  • 60-minute coaching calls
  • Practices, and resources tailored to your needs
  • An overview of our conversation, typed and sent to you with practices and support
  • Email support between sessions


working with intense emotions, self-judgment

conscious communication

love + relationship (LGBTIQ aware and friendly)

personal growth, life purpose, spirituality

mindfulness + meditation

movement and inner body awareness

soulful and self-help literature that truly helps and heals