here, for you:

What’s Working Worksheet

happy new year! download now (it’s free)

Daily Doing/Being/Feeling Worksheet 

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Wild Heart Workbook

a fun exercise to discover your passions and purpose

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Guide to Getting Your Grace On

(download or bound color copy mailed to you)

8 ways to get through tough times gracefully and to beat the stress with your brilliance. A colorful PDF with space to reflect, journal, and doodle. Special fun features and flair!

Real. Raw. Radiant. a Workbook.

(download or bound color copy mailed to you)

A handy-dandy resource full of guided meditations, visualizations, and invitations into self-inquiry for deepening self-awareness and self-love. It’s about spirituality reality!

Month of Movement Program 


Join a group of fellow explorers diving into the wild depths of our own bodies. You’ll receive a daily prompt for guided moving meditation for 1 month (31 days). These practices are designed to help you ground, connect to your breath, increase your bodily awareness, and move in new ways so that you start to change unconscious physical patterns or dissolve places of frozen locked energy or tightness. Each exercise will take 5-10 minutes but will also lead you into ways of integrating the skill or awareness into your daily life. The goal is to move through life with awareness of your body, not just during these exercises or while you are working out for an hour of your day.  I’ll also send helpful links, resources, and song suggestions.

Sensitive Soul Support and Skills Group


With shared readings and exercises, we will practice skills that help us reduce our vulnerability, and soothe ourselves when vulnerable. I will send participants an assignment each week with helpful hints, tips, tricks for staying sensitive to your sensitive self. This is a online ongoing group that meets virtually to read a book, discuss the reading and our practical work with it, ask each other questions, and offer validation.

Moving Meditation Series

(local: Carrboro, NC)

This is an ongoing closed group that meets for a series that explores us being in physical form, asks life questions through the body, and practices vulnerability, desire, compassion, and courage through movement with awareness. Enhanced with reading material/worksheets, dialogue and skill sharing around different themes or topics. There is verbal instruction during some of the music, prompting participants to notice what is happening in their bodies, through their senses, and on an emotional level. i’ll also be inviting participants to move in ways that break away from their movement habits. movement with music and our loving attention connects us to our physical, emotional, and soulful vitality! come discover and connect in a supportive environment.

if you see yourself as highly sensitive, have strong emotions, or think you can’t dance, i am talking to you! come move and be moved!!!