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on coaching with Vanessa

“Vanessa has a way of actively listening with compassion while combining both emotional and practical options to navigate specific life challenges based on individual situations. She also has a way of gently contributing to thought processes that result in epiphanies. Her follow through/homework assignments also keep one on the path to self-realization towards a more fulfilling and engaged life. I am looking forward to living the life that until now felt just out of reach. Much thanks, Vanessa. You are needed.”

–Alik L., musician and DJ (Ladyfingers on Soundcloud)

“What stands out when being coached by Vanessa is her intelligence and discernment of the Stories that obstruct my vision, her gentleness in creating a safe space for us to go deep, and her authentic wisdom that nourishes and leaves me feeling inspired and motivated after each session.  Working with Vanessa is honestly a dream come true.”

–Shila S., life coach and yoga teacher

on movement classes

“Dancing with Vanessa fills me with energy, joy, fearlessness, and well being. Vanessa’s gift of mindfully showing me the unique and pleasant movements, combined with the diversity of the music, provokes a powerful healing effect on my body, soul, and mind.” –Annie Herlant

“Vanessa leads with a deep embodiment of freedom, sensuality, and strength, creating a telepathic opening for her students to access these places as well.” –Anoo Tree Brod, Improv Instructor

“Vanessa brings a depth and groundedness to her teaching that I find most helpful and healing.” –Rose Halperin

“A great class, love the way you lead us! Love your grounded sensuality and spiritual focus!!” –Moksha

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